REFUND AND CANCELLATION POLICY is a digital business card service provider, we provide our users 15 days of extensive Free Trial period of our service, where users can use all services related to share digital business card. We Provide 3 days trial to the user for reason if the user was happy with our service then they can buy it. If the user buys this service after the end of 3 days Trial period, it is taken into account as an informed choice and thereby Refund is not applicable at all.


Before Purchasing you must read all Terms and Conditions, Return Policy Properly.


If user directly purchase Digital Card without the Free trial, he/she must read the return policy and terms and conditions properly before further purchasing the Digital Card, as there will not be any return of money once the service is purchased.


After purchasing the digital card, if the user found any issues in the existing digital card then user can report the issue on

So will try to resolve the issues as soon as possible but the amount will not be refundable. is not responsible for any refund on cancellation of the subscription.

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